Weighted Blanket Materials: What Fabrics and Fillers Are Used

2. Pellets and Beads 

More often than not, you will come across weighted blankets filled with pellets or beads.

The traditional blanket filling is plastic poly pellets that resemble little pebbles. They are made from polypropylene. This makes them completely safe and non-toxic. Unfortunately, this type of filling can make your blanket feel lumpy and uneven.

Typically, manufacturers make blankets with polyester or cotton filling. Another common filling used in weighted blankets is micro glass beads. 

Micro glass beads look and feel a lot like sugar or sand. The beads are much smaller than the pellets and create a higher density. If you are looking for a heavier blanket, beads may be the best filling to get. 

Weighted blankets with this type of filling are often flatter and have a heavier weight. They allow for the most comfort because they can be evenly distributed over the body as well. 

Glass bead-filled blankets are best for those with skin sensitivities. They won’t irritate your skin and are free of toxins and chemicals. You can also get ceramic beads. 

3. Sand and Pebbles

Many people use micro glass beads because they are a finer grain and can be evenly distributed.

Sand, small pebbles, and grain can be used in the same way as a filling! Although they are not often incorporated in blankets on the market, some people use them in their homemade blankets.   

Going with this type of filling may come at a lower cost, but you should do more research on these options. They can be of lower quality and may need extra care. You must avoid getting the sand wet, otherwise, it will clump up and cause problems.  

Pebbles are another type of cheap filling that some people choose to use in their weighted blankets. If you go with pebbles as the filling, be sure that they have a uniform shape and are small. 

The larger the pebbles are, the more uncomfortable and undistributed the weight will be on top of you. Another disadvantage of this type of filling is that it can make noise and be difficult to move around. 

4. Flannel and Fleece

Two of the most common weighted blanket materials are flannel and fleece. 

Flannel is excellent for the colder months and can help keep you warm. This is the perfect option that falls somewhere between cotton and fleece. You can get this material in plaid and a variety of other patterns. 

Fleece is also a perfect blanket for the winter and is a soft material. If you want a super-soft blanket that can keep you warm while camping and cozy next to the fireplace, fleece is the best material choice. 

If you tend to get hot while sleeping you should look for other types of material. These fabrics don’t breathe as much and hold in body heat. 

5. Bamboo

Are you looking for an all-natural weighted blanket?

If so, blankets made with bamboo are an excellent choice. One of the largest benefits of using bamboo material is that is has a cooling sensation that can help regulate your body temperature. This means that on those hot and humid summer days, you can sleep peacefully.

Bamboo fabric is cleaner than most fabrics and often more comfortable. Many people feel that bamboo resembles the texture of silk.  

6. Cotton

If you are looking for a lighter and cooler weighted blanket, you should look towards the cotton options. 

Cotton is the ideal material for weighted blankets because it is soft, breathable, and easy to wash. Satin- cotton weighted blankets are ideal for people that overheat in bed. As long as you check the washing directions on your blanket, you can likely wash your cotton blanket in the laundry machine on gentle. 

There are many styles of cotton weighted blankets that you can get. Most of them will look like a traditional bed cover as well! 

7. Minky 

Those that are looking for an extra-soft blanket should try Minky material. 

Minky will give you the ultimate comfort with its soft feeling. Have you ever felt a baby blanket and wondered what makes it so soft? It’s because they are typically made of Minky! 

Studies have shown that people that use Minky material tend to show a rise in serotonin levels and melatonin. This material can offer you a more plush blanket that is smooth. You can find a variety of prints and colors in Minky, allowing you to match your preferences.

8. Linen-Rayon

Although all of the fabrics mentioned above are excellent options, you may want a more durable blanket.

Linen-rayon weighted blankets are much more heavy-duty when compared to other options. This type of blanket will surely keep the filling in and be able to handle playing children and animals. 

This is a perfect fit for those with low sensitivity to textures. Some people claim that the material can sometimes be rough and irritating. 

Benefits of These Blankets

One of the biggest known benefits that people receive from weighted blankets is that they help reduce feelings of stress. 

Weighted blankets are meant to resemble deep touch pressure and stimulation. Both of which increase relaxation. They can help you feel calm when anxiety is getting out of hand and you are restless. 

These blankets are used in medical practices to help those with autism, anxiety, depression, and sensory disorders. Weighted blankets can calm restless leg syndrome that keeps you up all night. You will feel like you’re being hugged, and all of the stress can leave your body. 

Some people use weighted blankets to help increase focus on those suffering from ADHD. The weight helps keep them from being impulsive and restless while increasing a calming effect. 

Extra Anxiety Care

Dealing with anxiety can be difficult. A restless mind, racing heart, and inability to sleep can take a toll on the body over time. 

More than 40 million adults suffer from an anxiety disorder in the United States… that’s nearly 1 in 5 people! 

Using weighted blankets can help ease your symptoms and leave you in a more peaceful mental state. Luckily, there are a few extra things that you can do to help improve your health between naps.

Many people recommend using eye masks at nighttime to help with insomnia and restlessness. Taking vitamins and eating a balanced diet are also excellent ways to combat stress. Staying active can also help you work through tension and feel relief.

These Weighted Blanket Materials Will Leave You Calm and Cozy 

One of the newest trends and treatments on the market to combat anxiety is weighted blankets.

Depending on your needs and preferences, there are a variety of weighted blanket materials that you can get. If you are looking for a soft blanket during the winter months, fleece, Minky, and flannel are the best material choices.

When getting a blanket, you will also have to decide on a filling for your blanket. Those that want to help the environment should look at bamboo blankets and food fillings. 

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